6 African Illustrators you must absolutely discover

6 African Illustrators you must absolutely discover

Growing up, some of us had the privilege of reading comic books, with illustrations that tell a story, and it gets to the point whereby we become familiar with the characters in the book. Most times the characters and stories have nothing to do with our African realities.

Times have evolved and young African men and women passionate about illustration are creating the African world of illustrations.

Below is a selection of  a few skilled-hands.


1- Aurel Photography and Creativity

The works of Beninese Aurel Yahouedehou( read exclusive interview here) is one of absolute creativity which includes surrealism art. The ability to make the illustrations come to live

Photo Credit- Aurel Photography & Art




Ghanaian Artist Stephen Kwamena is skilled in portraits. He is well known for bringing the human face to live on his canvas.

Photo Credit- Lexis Pryme




This Ghanaian artist has the ability to tell a story in a single illustration. You are able to relate the stories of the black woman, love and everyday life issues.

Photo Credit- El Carna



4- Bennie Buatsie Illustrations

Her strength is in illustrating the different phases of life of an african woman today. You could just relate so easily.

Photo Credit- Bennie Buatsie Illustrations



5- Kehinde Wiley

This Nigerian artist creates fascinating portraits of real persons that differ from the standard of beauty with colored backgrounds and a troubling message that can be hard to understand.

Photo Credit- Kehinde Wiley



6- Olumide Oresegun

This artist is  specialized in creating hyperrealism through oil painting. You are able to feel,live and experience the art visually.

Photo Credit- Olumide Oresefun


African illustrators are showing us a world of our own, which we can relate to and be proud of.  We are gradually moving towards a society whereby local production is taking the lead, and that will be the selling point for African nations.

The list is inexhaustible, so why not share with us an artist not mentioned in the list above.





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