What is ladygracious.com about?

It is an online media dedicated to showcase innovations and creativity in every sector in Africa, projects, businesses, initiatives that takes place in the African Industry with a touch of innovation. Our goal is to write down history and exploit knowledge and information on African creations. Doing things differently to push Africa forward! It all starts by thinking out of the box. Because we believe that “Today’s industries will depend increasingly on the generation of knowledge through creativity and innovation” Landry & Bianchini 1995. Whether it be Art – Entrepreneurship – Economy- Lifestlye – Litterature, just name it !

Its about bringing the Francophone and Anglophone Africa unto one platform. We have been mentioned in re-knowned medias like SheLeadsAfrica,CareerGirls. Made in Africa. We represent!
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What is ladygracious.com about?

Why should you join?

-Develop your expertise in a particular domain in writing articles
-Have access to a large network of resource persons in Africa and the world in various fields
-Develop your skills and gain valuable experience for your CV
-Work with a bilingual team ( French/English)
-You can work from anywhere in the world