AFRICA HAS GOT TALENT| Passion for Change and Development

AFRICA HAS GOT TALENT| Passion for Change and Development

“Worry less about who you want to be and think more about what you want to do, because this town is full of people who want to be congressmen, or senators or presidents, and if that’s your focus, if that’s your moral compass, then you are consistently going to be making decisions solely on the basis of how do I get, for me, what I want. If you think in terms of what do I want to do, I want to solve climate change, or I want to employ disadvantaged youth. Or I want to fix a broken healthcare system, then even if you don’t get to the place you want to be or the office you wanted, during that entire time you are going to be working on stuff that’s real, and getting stuff done, and you will be able to wake up in the morning and say “well ok” I didn’t end up being a congressman, but I ended up running this not-for-profit, and I’m still responsible for getting this done because I pressured the congressman to do it, right?”  -Barack Obama-

This is what some people like Mustapha Muhammed Jamiu are trying to achieve.

Who is Mustapha?

I am a  young man of 28 years old from Kwara state, Nigeria. An enthusiastic social entrepreneur, with the  passion for developing young African minds. Communication for development specialist, Founder and C.E.O of Coin Communication, Chairman and Co-founder of Youth Awake Initiative for Development of Africa- YAIDA

How was life like Growing up?

I grew up in a typical Islamic environment, which is where my passion for humanitarian and advocacy for human development started from. I have been living away from my family and loved ones for a very long time, as early as age 5. This has contributed to my ability to adapt with any environment, and for a long time my life has been all about “the quest for knowledge and building my capacity or moving a cause for human development”.

My Islamic education background has had a great influence on my activism; passion for community development, advocacy for youth development with communication and leadership skills.

How was your education journey like?

I had both my primary and secondary education school in Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria (Public Schools). While in Secondary school I was interested in science. As a science student my dream was to become a medical doctor. But after my admission into University, in 2010, where I studied Development Communication, I discovered my true abilities, and where my future lied.

What are you passionate about?

All I am passionate about is Change and Development; developing minds, developing people, developing Africa.

What have you achieved so far?

I will first of all say this,

“we are nothing, but the pencil is in the hand of the creature”…

One cannot really boast of what he has achieved, but all I can say is glory be unto the most high for the grace so far.

The dream and the activism for humanity and development of Africa started while I was in University in Accra, Ghana with “Discovery Africa” an initiative to promote and showcase young African skills, talents and achievements. This went on for some years till I finished my course at African University College of Communications.

Some months after my arrival in Nigeria in 2014, the idea of focusing on developing minds of the young ones in Nigeria through Communication came up, this gave birth to “Coin Communication” a non-governmental organization with the aim of developing minds through communication, since communication plays a vital role in the development of humans.

Along the road, early 2015, the idea of setting up an initiative called ” Youth Awake Initiative for Development of Africa” to awaken the youth of Africa from their deep slumber and empower them through advocacy on self esteem, self reliance, self realization and bridging the gap of social exclusion. This was initiated by eight young Nigerian professionals from different sectors , of which I happen to be the Chairman and Co-founder.


The programs executed so far under Coin Communication and YAIDA:

-The ongoing Human capacity building program for Community Development on; Capacity building, Leadership and Communication skills workshop for Elders and Youth in Ilorin East Local Government, Kwara State, Nigeria.

-Public speaking, speech delivery, communication skills, leadership skills, and post service entrepreneurship workshop for Secondary school teachers in Ilorin East local Government, Kwara State, Nigeria.

-16 local Government Human Capacity building training on Career guidance, Capacity building, leadership and communication skills for secondary school students in Kwara State, Nigeria.

-Human Capacity building workshop on public speaking, speech delivery communication, and leadership skills for fresh graduates of the National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) in Chanchaga Local Government, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria

-Public lectures, motivational speeches in some Tertiary institutions, and media interviews on youth development advocacy and developing careers for young generations in Africa

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Did you face any struggle in the process of achieving your goal?

I can’t really say much when it comes to that, because for me

“Obstacle is the path”


“he who is aiming high must struggle to get there”

and along the road she/he must prepare the mind for challenges.

In life,

“the more we live, the more we learn. The more we learn, the more we grow”

I have come across a lot of challenges that I see as nothing but lessons that are helping me grow, and I am still ready to face more, because it is the path to where I am going.

With all these,what are you aiming at?

To be a reference for development to Africans

Do you have a dream for Africa?

Definitely!! To see Africans understand themselves through the development of the mind.

“Soldiers must go, soldiers must come, but barracks remain” 🙂

Africa is like a Barrack, the soldiers that go and come in it, are the people, so if their mind is developed, Africa will be developed.



There are millions of people out there like Mustapha that hunger and thirst for a better Africa. Lets encourage them.




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    February 23, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    very nice upbringing from a youth of advocacy and moral development.

  2. O'grae

    February 24, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    Thank you for reading Suleiman

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