Africa has got Talent| Photography done differently

Africa has got Talent| Photography done differently


When I first saw his pictures, I fell in love with them because I was like this is something different and inspiring; talking of inspiration,Yanick FOLLY  draws his inspiration from children.

Life is simple, why complicate it, those where the words of Yanick Folly, an uprising African Star in Photography. Yanick Folly is 27 years old, Beninese, and only child of his parents.

Click, click! All his shots revolve around children, but why this choice?

Up close with Yanick, he unfolds the mystery behind this choice, he captures childhood in its raw state, this a piece of his life that is a missing link of his childhood days, growing up, he didn’t enjoy the bliss of being a joyful child. In between busy parents and staying in boarding school, he grew up a loner, he even stayed in boarding school during vacations alone, when everyone else was going back home.

Today, with his love for photography he is trying to catch up with his past. He loves children and the joy that comes with their innocent but curious souls.

This Journey has not been smooth sailing for him, you could seat behind and be like “this children like posing for the camera, or he is having fun yeah!”

Not so wrong, but there is nothing successful without obstacles, same here, especially in Africa whereby photography is still making its way up the stairs, Yanick shared with me how he paves his way through those obstacles.

His camera has made him travel the West African sub-region widely. One day he visited a marketplace named Dangbo in Benin, and after playing a game called “babyfoot” with the children, he asked their mother if he could take shots of them, the mother violently replied, saying that he wanted to go and sell their pictures, he then took some time to explain to the woman his goals, and then she agreed.

When taking shots he takes the permission of the child involved before shooting, after the shots, he asks the child if he or she likes the picture and if he can keep it, if the child says yes he keeps it, if the child says no, he deletes the picture right in the face of the child.

Every shot he takes has a parental consent, if the shot is taken on the streets then the child should be 12 years or more, below that age there is a parental consent, and every child or parent signs a sheet of paper as a sign of approval, and this makes him keep in touch with them too. 🙂




With Yanick everyday brings up a new challenge to face, but despite them all, his work has been speaking volumes for him, giving him no right to fail the people supporting him worldwide, and even awards can be cited :

-The Kolan Alexis Martinez Award in tribute to the renowned late journalist Norbert Zongo in Burkina Faso in January 2014.

– The prize SOUS LES FLASHS DE L’AFRIQUE held in Niamey April 2015

– Best Photo prize of the «60 Solutions for Climate Change» concours conducted by the French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand in Benin in July 2015.

– Second prize given by renown Chinese photographer Lu Guang after a workshop organized by Kulturforum Nord Sud in August 2015.

– An exhibition of Air France Agency October 2nd, 2015

– The prize Award photographer of quality Millemots in October 2015

– An exhibition sale of Gail Malone in November 2015

But Yanick’s goals are much higher than these. With a number of upcoming projects he is yet to unfold.

Now I have the pleasure to allow you enjoy yourself, on this e-exhibition by Yanick Folly as you discover the Faces of Benin.





I close the curtains on this words by Yanick,

“I don’t aspire to be rich or famous, all I seek for is to have enough to cater for my needs, family and friends need, and to give out to those in need.” Click To Tweet





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  1. dearlilyjune

    February 3, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    These portraits are extraordinary! Thank you for sharing them!

  2. O'grae

    February 4, 2016 at 10:50 am

    Thank you for viewing them!!! so glad!!!

  3. O'grae

    February 4, 2016 at 10:51 am

    Thank you for your contribution!

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