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AFRICA HAS GOT TALENT | Victor Adepoju and the taxi that gives you free WiFi

“The youth should be creative, innovative and apply whatever they learned in school to produce something that will meet the needs of the society.”

“You can be successful  anywhere you find yourself”. Victor Adepoju is a man full of ambition and ready to do what it takes to make his business stand out. Audacity and Flexibility describes his personality. A 32 year old Nigerian, founder of Beautiful Feet Cab Services in Ghana, which offers free WiFi, air-conditioned taxi and customers get to enjoy drinks and biscuits in addition.

You are a Nigerian who started a business outside your own country, precisely in Ghana, how did you do that?

I have been living in Accra, Ghana since the age of 20, so I quickly got used to the Ghanaian culture, moreover the Taxi cab service here is better than in Nigeria, where people are most comfortable with ‘OKADA’, and to crown it all the cost of starting a business in Ghana is more affordable than in Nigeria.

 How did you get this idea and how did you make it a reality?

 After observation, I realized most people are bored inside taxis and buses including me, because one day I was in a bus and I realized 5 people were asleep because we were in a long traffic, and immediately I thought that if there was WiFi in the bus, people wont be asleep. So when I got home I started drawing plans on how to start a Taxi business with free WiFi.

Tell us a bit about your professional background and why you dropped all for this business? 

I Have a Bachelors of Art in Theology and Post Graduate Certificate  in Human Resource and Strategic Management. I have also been a security officer in Dubai and Accra respectively, before starting this business. I believe school makes you stand out in whatever you do and this is what differentiates me from other taxi businesses.

Free WiFi and drinks, then your prices should be expensive to be able to compensate for the freebies.

My prices are very cheap because I give back up to 40% of my profit in the form of free WiFi, drinks  and biscuits.

 How do you get your clients and approximately how much is your revenue?

Mouth to mouth has worked for me, my clients introduce new people to me and thanks to social media my website, Facebook, Instagram and Whats app, helps me a lot.

The future is bright on your side I guess?

Yes the future is bright indeed because of the innovation aspect and because it has been accepted by the society. I think my clients are the future of this business and I am sure it will cross borders.

What about the internet issues in Africa, don’t you think it’s a challenge?

 Variety is the beauty of life, that is why for now I didn’t accept any telecom company to sponsor the internet I provide for my clients. So that I can have the liberty to choose at my convenience.

What is your vision for Beautiful Feet Cabs?

My vision is to be a First Class Service that puts a smile on any clients face in Africa.

With this experience what can you say to the youths of today?

 The youth should be creative, innovative and apply whatever they learned in school to produce something that will meet the needs of the society.




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