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With just a N20 ball pen, Nigerian artist, Chijioke Anyacho creates images that leaves you wondering whether its an actual ball pen drawing or some digital manipulation. Chijioke Anyacho has shown the creativity inherent in millions of Africans who despite the challenges of the economy, seek new and ingenious ways of adding value to the society.

Your talent is what makes you unique and this artist has proved it again that Africans have enormous and pure talent.

My journey into pen drawing started with just a simple question……..
While I was waiting for money to order for pencil photo-realistic drawing materials from Amazon, one day I was singing and reflecting on the song “Scare away the dark” by Passenger, then I heard a voice saying “why don’t you start with what you have”…… I have heard Joel Osteen say a that “everything you need is right there with you, if you had needed more God would have given you”
Now I understand…..
Olajumoke must have been ‘eyeing’ all the flashy cars young girls are riding across the streets of Lagos…..she must have even wished she had a better job…
But all she needed was to keep selling bread for T.Y Bello to find her…
Imagine if I had ordered from Amazon and was making pencil works, you probably might not have heard of me by now…

All you need is right inside of you, it is right there with you.
Believe in God and Believe in yourself…
And remember,Everything good will surely come.
“If we all light up, we can scare away the dark”-Passenger

But that is not his only quality,he is also a humble person,this are some of his posts on his Facebook page

What makes people think I will start feeling like a superstar?
Na my work first go viral abi na me draw pass…abeg ooo
Yes Chijioke Anyacho has become a brand but that doesn’t take away my humanity….i am still me. I still love Minions.
If your image of Chijioke Anyacho is a demi god biko destroy it ooo
Am just the regular guy on the street…
Its weird seeing people feel privileged am chatting with them…why??
What’s happening right now is not because am good, its not because am anything….. Its just God…
its absolutely God being faithful..
My works are flying round because God is involved.
God hasn’t even started sef….na Demo we dey see so…



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