Africa, rich in young untapped creativity

Africa, rich in young untapped creativity

African youths are endowed with creativity that is unfortunately unknown to the big world!

One wonders if the generation of african youth has potential. Yet it represents 65% of the African population. What is preventing the young generation from showing what they are worth to the world?

First of all, it is necessary for African states to set up educational programs developed in partnership with the private sector in order to improve the education system and make it more relevant. This is because the African education system generally does not allow a child to develop his creativity.
For example, in Benin, the school curriculum of a child of school age is to start kindergarten and finish secondary school; unlike China, which tries to detect the skills of a child in order to know what path to follow to ensure his talent. This is the case of this little boy of three (03) years dancer who participated in the contest Amazing Talent of his country.


In addition, young innovators need financial and social support in order to carry out their projects. They have imaginative ideas of ​​successful projects, yet they lack resources. These young people necessarily need to be followed in their businesses and initiatives. Take the case of Benin where the rate of corruption is at its height, this situation prevents talented young people who do not have relatives in influential positions to easily find opportunities that will allow them to expose their achievements to the world.

We could also talk about poverty that exists on more than 50% of the African territory. We should determine what prevents us from having as much development as the European or American continent despite the many resources we have. What prevents our Africa from being elevated to the top. We must stop dreaming and begin to act in unity.



Whoever speaks of problems must necessarily speak of solutions. So how can we succeed in highlighting the African youth and their ever-increasing creativity? On the one hand, governments, development partners and civil society organizations should work together to create an enabling environment for youth and innovation in Africa. This would allow young people to freely express their creativity.

On the other hand, young people should be more active in order to make themselves heard better. They must stand up to defend their different projects. Some young people are already leading the way like Précieuse SEMANOU, a young beninese entrepreneur, founder of ” Open Conscience ”, an initiative aimed at charities and offering training sessions to encourage young people in Benin.

Finally, our diverse African societies need to open up to international opportunities to facilitate young entrepreneurs’ access to the outside world. Leveraging in these, the different works of young Africans will spread throughout the world and will be known by the entire world.




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