Book Review: African Memories

Book Review: African Memories

Africa is blessed with a diversity of culture, that we have not been able to exploit to its fullest. One of the things that gives us knowledge, memories and enhances our lives is travelling. Travelling and discovering new places adds some value to our lives.

This book “African Memories” sums up the experience of the author after visiting 14 African countries such as Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, Mali,Senegal, Cameroun just to mention a few. It is about re-living an African adventure through the eyes of a traveler.


Ndeye Labadens was born in Senegal, West Africa but has been moving from place to place due to her fathers occupation, when she finally decided publish this book on her travelling experiences.


Since pictures play an important role in travelling adventures, the author did not fail in showing us an authentic and realistic view of her journeys. She points out the good and bad sides of the countries she visited.

Reading the book is like travelling along with the author. In case you have plans of travelling to any of these countries, reading this book will not be a bad idea for tips. ūüėČ

Reading this book could motivate you to embark on the discovery of Africa. There is adventure, excitement, experience, culture shock, self -discovery and much more when you decide to leave your comfort zone and become an explorer.

Documenting yourself and preparing yourself pyschology for an African adventure is important, and above all experiencing the diversity in the African culture can make you a wealthy person.

This book has been rewarded with a silver medal and a five star review by the US favorite readers.

Follow this link to get a copy of African Memories: Travels to the Interior of Africa by Ndeye Labadens




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