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Survival Guide for a Team: Working in a Team in 20 Points

Finding the right team is not easy, and when you find one, it is necessary to coordinate your actions, to […]

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How can we nurture creativity in our children?

Children are creative in their ways of writing, reading, drawing, uttering words, composing sentences, interacting with objects, and so on. […]

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Shave Masters: The Ghanaian Mobile Grooming Service

We are in a society where some people are trying to find creative and innovative ways to solve problems confronted […]

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IROKO FABLAB: promoting digital and knowledge creations

FabLab Iroko is a shared workshop, equipped with manual, electronic tools and digital machines to make or learn how to […]

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Fablab Iroko: L’atelier d’innovation et du savoir-faire artisanal

Le FabLab Iroko est un atelier partagé, équipé d’outils manuels, électroniques et des machines numériques pour fabriquer ou apprendre à […]

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Here are incredibly talented women from africa that are telling the story of africa through their lenses. Proving to the […]

CEO at SOS system
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In Togo, Dashmake creates SOS System to help paramedics save more lives

EDORH Akpé Kévin Sénu was born on February 29, 1996 in Lomé, Togo. In 2012, he obtained his  Professional License […]

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Loan-H: taking Kanvo to the world

One of Africa’s greatest riches in terms of apparel is the woven cloth. The woven cloth is made by weavers. […]

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Origine Terre: the african cosmetics revolution

Cosmetics are products used to enhance or alter the appearance of the face or fragrance and texture of the body. […]

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Ken Robinson tells us how school is killing creativity

Ken Robinson shows us in an amusing but deep way the necessity of creating an educative system that values creativity. […]