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How can we nurture creativity in our children?

Children are creative in their ways of writing, reading, drawing, uttering words, composing sentences, interacting with objects, and so on. It’s an innate talent. However, with age this talent wither among many. Behind this mess, there are several reasons, but more blatantly, is the responsibility of parents, families and children (schools, extracurricular activities, etc.). From.

Fablab Iroko: L’atelier d’innovation et du savoir-faire artisanal

Le FabLab Iroko est un atelier partagé, équipé d’outils manuels, électroniques et des machines numériques pour fabriquer ou apprendre à fabriquer vos objets et prototyper vos idées/projets. Une communauté de makers qui se rencontrent pour échanger, s’entraider, prototyper et créer ensemble des solutions qui contribuent à rendre nos villes autonomes et connectées (Smart city). Un.


Here are incredibly talented women from africa that are telling the story of africa through their lenses. Proving to the world  that something good can come out of africa. Mounia Youssef A Libanese-togolese, based in Benin who does more of fashion model photography and graphic designing. Her latest art exposition on the natural hair in.

In Togo, Dashmake creates SOS System to help paramedics save more lives

EDORH Akpé Kévin Sénu was born on February 29, 1996 in Lomé, Togo. In 2012, he obtained his  Professional License in Application Development. He created in 2015 with three other colleagues from the University: ATIKLEME Eddie Michel (Systems Administrator), YAWOVI Agbéwonou Helton (Applications Developer) and YAWOVI Agbéwonou Darwin (Lawyer) Dashmake. Versatile, methodical and creative, since.