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Cote-d’ivoire: Kazonature transforms old tyres into furnitures to save our environment

Eco-entrepreneurship! Getting rid of waste that clutters and create jobs in his beautiful capital, that is the vision of the […]

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Top 5 African architects and designers you need to know

African architects and designers, we do have them full of competence and professionalism. Africa has all the potentials and resources, both […]

Ousman Mbaye: The senegalese that is transforming the image of africa’s furniture design

Africa really has unmeasurable wealth and raw material that can be used to transform itself. Ousmane Mbaye uses both recyled […]

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Maxime Victor: 13 pieces of advice to be successful

1) Popular Mentality If you have a goal in mind. If you want to be an entrepreneur and bring solutions […]

Distractions poison your creativity: here is the antidote

Musicians, photographers, designers and artists in general are usually referred to as the creative types. However, the ability to create […]

8 Habits that creative people have that make them stand out

We are living in a highly competitive world, whereby everyone wants to sell their idea to the world. Given this […]

Chalewote 2017 : The Good and Bad

Chale Wote Street Arts Festivals brings together people with love for the various arts and in a contemporary way. There’s […]

6 African Illustrators you must absolutely discover

Growing up, some of us had the privilege of reading comic books, with illustrations that tell a story, and it […]

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Have you ever questioned your skin? Have you ever wished for a flawless skin? If your answer is Yes, then […]

Will you go for the available choice or wait for your choice to be available.

When you are under parental guidance you don’t always have a choice, you must comply, but when you get parental […]