Chalewote 2016 was Lit (Photos)

Chale Wote 2016 was lit once again ! It’s one that has grown over the years and seen so much interest from the public. I remember my first Chale Wote in 2014, there weren’t as much people as this year. It’s grown so much, it has moved from a days event to a week and has the street full of  creative and crazy (just saying) people.

Chale Wote Street Arts Festival is a FREE contemporary on the street arts festival organized by Accra Dot Alt. There are various activities ranging from Music(any type you can think of), Art(various forms), Poetry, Spoken Word, Dance, Weird Installations(some I never get the concept but hey weird is good sometimes for the fun?), Graffiti murals, Roller skating, Bike stunts and other performances.

These events take place concurrently at Jamestown, Accra, Ghana. It spans various venue centers on the stretch of the John Evans Atta Mills High Street from the Ga Mashie Development Agency building, through the lighthouse, the Otublohum square to the Ussher fort.

The event starts with talk series, Film screening, Showcasing of Installations. With the grand event taking place on Saturday and if you miss out then Sunday. You’ll discover creativity in forms you wouldn’t imagine. Also all of this happens as the local residents staying in Jamestown, British Accra live their day to day lives.

Chale Wote Street Arts Festivals brings together people with love for the various arts and in a contemporary way. There’s always something that’ll get your attention and trust me it’ll be worth it. There’ll be pop up of stores with various artifacts, clothing, clothing accessories, etc. for sale.

Ok let’s ZOOM back to 2014….

This is where the  Jameston lovestory all began. Jamestown is a very interesting place to visit, you get to chit- chat with the children of that community and to live life the artistic way.



In 2015, things got better, but what got my attention was a hairstyle by Adu Amani, it stole the show! Her hairstyle took the shape of the Adome bridge;  it is a bridge located in Ghana in West Africa. It spans the Volta River that drains into the Gulf of Guinea, south of the Akosombo Dam.


for MORE of last year’s event in pictures click HERE

Chalewote 2016 decided to go like “Spirit Robot” that was the theme for this year’s festival (what at all does that mean, we are yet to know!). If though the art display was not so so extraordinary it didnt stop the human traffic that was experienced especially on Sunday.

There was ART in all its forms and curves:

NB: Some pictures are shocking ,but hey it’s ART don’t forget 🙂 🙂



Well there was also BODY ART!! I just WARNED YOU!!




This year too Adu Amani 🙂 decided to give us something different! I hope you can see the green apple in the middle of her african hairstyle?


As you can see creativity knows no boundaries. Africa is a continent that overflows with innovations and creativity.

In case you find yourself in Ghana, next year August dont forget to go and experience ART!!!!





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