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Chalewote 2017 : The Good and Bad

Chale Wote Street Arts Festivals brings together people with love for the various arts and in a contemporary way. There’s always something that’ll get your attention and trust me it’ll be worth it.

What is Chalewote Street Art Festival all about?

Chale Wote Street Arts Festival is a FREE contemporary on the street arts festival organized by Accra Dot Alt. There are various activities ranging from Music(any type you can think of), Art(various forms), Poetry, Spoken Word, Dance, Weird Installations, Graffiti murals, Roller skating, Bike stunts and other performances.

These events take place at Jamestown, Accra, Ghana yearly. It spans various venue centers on the stretch of the John Evans Atta Mills High Street from the Ga Mashie Development Agency building, through the lighthouse, the Otublohum square to the Ussher fort.

The 2017 edition featured works and installations from over 30 Ghana-based artists and included the participation of artists from South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, the U.S., France, Australia, Kenya, Canada, Kenya, Poland, Argentina and Brazil.

What happened this year?

This year there was Art in all it forms. On canvases,on human bodies, any surface that could be used to draw was used. Most of the women used that occasion to do a lot of face painting. This festival is an avenue were people make a fashion statement, by putting a touch of art to their dressing. It is about bringing your imagination to life.

People from all walks of life, and from different countries take part in this festival, that has one universal language called “ART”.

Photo Credit : Nii Odzenma


See more pictures here


What was the public’s opinion about this years festival?

Nothing can be perfect, and no matter how criticized an event is, it is not an easy job drawing a crowd of more than 1000 people. The organizers can be proud of that,but they should also take into consideration the opinion of their audience.




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