Holmess Cherif Dine AKEDJOU, is a trained business manager, business innovation consultant, and the founder of FANCOCO®, a company specialized in coconut processing. Trained on the challenges and actions for sustainable development. An ambitious and dynamic young entrepreneur who is today an example for African youths. He is proof that with faith, hard work and determination, you can achieve your dreams.

FANCOCO: an environmentally conscious company

The creation of FANCOCO has proven to be beneficial for the environment. Indeed, Holmess Cherif Dine AKEDJOU, founder of this innovative African startup, had the idea of ​​transforming coconut shells following the unfortunate observation of the heap of waste that these coconut shells constitute in our environment. These coconut shells are a real environmental problem in the long term because they can stay out in the nature for 12 years before degrading.

To participate in the fight against environmental pollution and climate change, this African startup was launched since March 2019 in the transformation of coconut shells. Hence the birth of the COCO DESIGN concept which gives coconut shells a second life. To do this, this startup creates ecological products based on coconut shells. This concept aims to make FANCOCO products, useful solutions for humans and beneficial for the environment.

FANCOCO is indeed the first startup in Africa and in the world, to tackle the theme of the recovery of waste resulting from the consumption of coconut. This African company makes environmental sanitation a pillar on which its activities are based.

FANCOCO offers a wide range of products touching several fields, namely: food, cosmetics, fashion, kitchen equipment, and much more. These are natural and biodegradable products that meet the specific needs of the population. Among these products are:

– Coconut juice: these are the flagship products of this original African company. There are several ranges of coconut juice. Their number includes simple coconut juice, coconut juice enriched with Moringa as well as coconut juice enriched with lemongrass.

– The products of the COCO DESIGN concept: these include products like boxes, bowls, buttons for clothes, soap dishes, earrings, and much more.

It should be noted that the products of the COCO DESIGN concept are all handcrafted in several forms and designs to suit all tastes and all budgets. They are used by households, as well as by businesses, restaurants, hotels, and many other players. In addition, its products are also used to replace plastic packaging and boxes. These products are sold not only on the Beninese market, but also on the international market.

The added value of FANCOCO products

First, the bottled fresh coconut juice allows you to quench your thirst. Since hydration in the blazing sun in Africa is a necessity. In addition, this juice is renowned for the many minerals it contains. These include calcium, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, and much more. These nutrients are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

In addition, the products of the COCO DESIGN concept are 100% natural and easy to use. These biodegradable products respond to the problem of chemical packaging while cleaning up the environment. Which represents a major asset.

Innovation and quality: the hallmarks of FANCOCO

FANCOCO products have established themselves on both the Beninese and African markets, thanks to their high quality. Indeed, Holmess Cherif Dine AKEDJOU knew how to enhance and realize his dream of making the world a better place by creating innovative products. These products, fruit of his creativity and his fertile imagination, make him proud and that of Africans in general. He works to promote his original products around the world by working hard. He has made innovation and quality his hallmarks.

The challenges on the journey 

FANCOCO being an innovative initiative, this startup is faced with the problem of the low skilled workforce. It is mainly for this reason that they plan to open a training center to train young people interested in this field. In addition, this Beninese startup faces the challenges of reinvestment. To finance its activities, FAN COCO uses reinvestment. Also, she is often faced with the problem of lack of materials.

A word for the youth?

Holmess Cherif Dine AKEDJOU urges young Africans not to be afraid of doing business. “Have faith in what you do, dream big and work to achieve it, Above all, don’t be afraid to undertake.”

Considering the impact of this company’s activities on the environment and on us, we can say that this young startup deserves to be supported.



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