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Cote-d’ivoire: Kazonature transforms old tyres into furnitures to save our environment

Eco-entrepreneurship! Getting rid of waste that clutters and create jobs in his beautiful capital, that is the vision of the young Ivorian named Kamagate Bafetege who embarked on eco-entrepreneurship. Still poorly known on the continent, eco-entrepreneurship is the main solution to address the environmental and social problems of our century. 

The creativity used to make this furnitures attractive is indescribable. Old tyres instead of being burnt and polluting the air is transformed into tables and sitting pieces. In different forms and colors.

Located in Yopougon Figayo just behind the Fish Market of Africa, the workshop of the young entrepreneur is attracting customers fond of its ecological products.

People from the nearby countries like Ghana,Benin,Togo etc.. are requesting for this masterpiece. This are initiatives that must be encouraged and promoted because it will help solve the ecological problem in africa.

What is eco entrepreneurship?

According to Author and Economist Jerry Jasinowski, “sustainable manufacturing can mean different things, it can be the creation of manufactured products with processes that reduce negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and natural resources, which are safe for employees, communities and consumers, are economically competitive and add value to finished products.

The movement is being driven mainly by economics. Raw materials are becoming expensive and scarce, energy prices on the rise, demographic shifts and climate change concerns are driving manufacturing companies to redesign production processes.

To some, sustainable manufacturing is synonymous with “green” manufacturing and without question environmental concerns are a key aspect of it. The movement is being driven in large part by a new generation of young people who are acutely conscious of threats to our environment and determined to improve the communities they live in.

More fundamentally, the increased interest in sustainable manufacturing is a major extension of the continuing drive to improve quality, and the explosion of new technologies that apply to both products and processing in our dynamic manufacturing sector.

Natural resources are limited and if we are serious about preserving our manufacturing operations we must invest our time, energy, thought and resources into finding ways to preserve those natural resources to the maximum extent feasible.

But we see a new generation of eco entrepreneurs — are finding new ways to look at the manufacturing process as a circular flow or loop from material extraction through production to use and then after use through recycling, recovery and return to the supply chain.”

Everything can be transformed if we as africans become conscious of our environment.

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