8 Habits that creative people have that make them stand out

We are living in a highly competitive world, whereby everyone wants to sell their idea to the world. Given this reality, the only option for every project, person and business to rise above competition is to stand out. Thinking out of the box, bringing art into your science, showing originality, being creative. Creativity is a flower that can grow in any garden provided that you nurture the seed properly. Habits are the fertilizers which can help you do so. Read on to discover 8 simple habits characterizing creative people. They (are)…

1- Watch disruptors and their environment closely and draw ideas from them

The aim to be the best pushes creative people to draw inspiration from disruptors in their field. People or companies that have succeeded in the domain you are working in. Following their work and observing their environment closely can be a source of idea generation for the creatives.


2- Observant and ask questions

They observe their environment and ask questions around them. Any resource person that can give them information, tips or skills always come in handy.


3- Like experiencing and learning new things

A creative buddy is the curious type, test new things,new places,new skills in order to reinforce his capabilities.

4- Auto-learners

They don’t mind learning on their own, making their mistakes, falling and getting up all in the quest of achieving their goal.


5- Always want to improve on their talents

Whenever they are executing something ,they always want to do it better than before. They are in the quest for knowledge, adventure and discoveries

6- Always want to be unique

That special touch, that make them unique is inevitable. No matter the project or goal, the touch that makes them standout is the signature of their achievements.


7- Have an imaginative spirit that travels

They always wander far away to an unexisting land (in their head) trying to draw their world, their stories and their dreams.


8- Have fun in doing what they love

Its a process of creating something, so they take pleasure in conceiving every step of their project. All in a fun-filled mood.


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