Here are incredibly talented women from africa that are telling the story of africa through their lenses. Proving to the world  that something good can come out of africa.

Mounia Youssef

A Libanese-togolese, based in Benin who does more of fashion model photography and graphic designing. Her latest art exposition on the natural hair in Benin was featured in BBC Afrique. Here pictures portray the ‘daring’ attitude  of africans and shows what she is capable of.

mblink photo

Victoire Agbehemin

A togolese professional photographer specialized in family, events, and wedding pictures. At 24 years she breaks all the limits to reveal the beauty in life through her photography agency “Happuc Company”. Also a speaker, photographer and trainer, she wear many hats and does them perfectly well.

african female photographs


Ngadi Smart

is a photographer and visual artist currently based in the Ivory Coast. Her feed is part photography, part illustration. She is contributing to MFON, and has been published in places like World Press Photo, CNN, and True Africa. Her focus, other than illustrations, is portrait work.



Yagazie Emezi

is a photographer from Nigeria making waves. She was one of six to win the 2018 Creative Bursary Award from Getty Images, and was recently photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue. She’s been published in Newsweek, The New York Times, and Huffington Post. She contributes to the Instagram account Everyday Africa. Her work heavily involves documentary photos of people, color, portraits, textures, and projects like exploring standards of beauty (or lack thereof) in poor communities, or re-claiming your body after it’s been changed — by an accident, scarring, or other people. Emezi is on the rise, and rightly so. Her work is poignant, smart, and asks excellent questions.

yagazie emezi


Ley Uwera

is a Congolese photojournalist based in the DRC. Her work has been seen in the New York Times, Upworthy, and more. She explores issues and developments in the DRC as the country evolves and grows and changes. As with many on this list, her work focuses on people and their stories as they unfold around her.



Khadija M Farah

is a photographer based in Kenya who also explores the island of Lamu, Tanzania, Somalia, and more. She was born in Nairobi to Somali parents, then raised in the USA for her teenage years, before returning back to Kenya, where she seeks to understand the people around her better by learning their stories. Her Somali roots, she says, are part of her need for storytelling, as Somali history is very much an oral one. From Kanga projects to fishermen to interviewing camel herders in Somalia, she truly meets the people she photographs and tries to retell their story as best she can.

khadija farah


Nasrin Suleiman

She grew up on the island of Zanzibar, and then went to North America for school. She’s now a graphic designer and photographer who is back in Zanzibar exploring her home island, her roots, and the beauty found here. Her work is especially upbeat, colorful, and the most “insta-famous” of this list but she’s still highlighting her home, normally seen through the lens of a tourist.


Is there an amazing woman photographer not mentioned here? Write here name in the comment box let’s discover her too.






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