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The 1st ever TEDx in Benin will be full of magical ideas!

Everything starts from the mind. The  birthpIace of ideas is the mind. Every tangible innovation today was conceived in the mind.

But there is also a thin line between the person that has the idea and the person that makes the idea a reality.

Hey! Some of us just need a dose of inspiration to get the work done.

The TEDx event that has been inspiring thousands of people for the past 26 years all over the world, is an event that talks about ideas worth spreading in any field, namely Technology, Entertainment, Design and many more. To engage and connect communities.

TEDx has moved straight from the US, and for the first time is been held in the Republic of Benin.



TEDxYouth@Ganhito will be organized on the 8th of April 2017 and will gather incredible minds that are hungry for inspiration, connection and sharing experience.

Speakers and participants from Ghana, Nigeria and more will be present.

21 Speakers will be on stage to share with the world magical ideas. Speakers with different backgrounds and experiences.

Just to mention a few, we will have:

Vital Sounouvou

African entrepreneur, Founder of the e-commerce platform ‘Exportunity’. Listed on the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 List 2016.

Source: Google


Farida Saidou

Young African Fashion Blogger

Source: Her Facebook Page


Ulrich Sossou

Young African Digital Entrepreneur,Founder of Botamp, TEKXL, FlyerCo.

Source: His Facebook Page



Mylene Flicka

Writer, Founder and Blogger on

Source: Her Facebook Page


Arielle Ahouansou

Doctor and Founder of the Universal Medical Identity Project


Stevy Wallace

Digital Strategist, Consultant in Digital Communication, In Charge of the Digital Communication of the President/Government of Benin Republic.

To see more of the speakers, click here. 😉

Well if you can’t be present on that day, don’t worry, we will be right back here with the recap.

Watch out! 😉 



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