How Emotions contribute to your creativity

How Emotions contribute to your creativity

Emotions can push us to act or react in a certain way. 









Emotions can inspire creativity: a breakup can inspire song lyrics, an artistic image, photography, write-up etc.

Frustration about an existing product can lead to creating new products or solutions.

Emotions through the creative process: from the idea to the conception, through marketing, sales and enlargement, each stage comes with a set of emotions and this can influence the whole process. Therefore paying attention to our emotions at every stage is very important.

To be creative, don’t ignore your emotions, think about them and with them. Using emotional intelligence will draw your attention to experiences that can become sources of ideas and help you maintain the passion and persistence to transform ideas into products or performances. 

How to fuel your creativity with your emotions?

-Be 100% engaged in your work.

-Pay attention to how things make you feel during the process.

-Transfer your emotions into your work (especially for writers, singers, artist)

-Try to bring out a piece of emotion in your work.

-Don’t work in a rush, pause, breathe.

-Take your time and always wait for the inspirational key. 

The best way to make your work different and outstanding, is by listening to your inner talent and connecting yourself to your emotions. 




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