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Big Highlights: The first TEDx in Benin was lit!

Weeks ago, we announced right here, that a big event will be happening in a small country called Benin, located in West Africa.

It happened, and it was all kinds of lit. Yes!

There was magic in the air, emotions were set free, ideas, motivation and pressure.

The beauty of this edition was its diversity in culture. People from different walks of life, different cultures, different experiences, different languages all in one room.

All the speakers gave out their best, but some speakers stole the show.

What is success? 

Success is not having a lot of money,  been liked by everyone  or being popular, it’s more than that, it is about

ideas that can change humanity - Ulrich Sossou. Click To Tweet


Transformation multiplies, and making surgery safer and saving lives could change a whole nation. says. -Kirstie Randall-

What you need is at your doorstep!

People across Africa have creations and products but they are just looking for a buyer or the chance to showcase themselves to the world. E-commerce must become a right for every single african, from the villages to cities to sell to any buyer in the world. Vital Sounouvou

The potentials of African fashion and its impact on our lives!

Fashion addict, fashion lover, her cry is that of supporting African creations by buying products made by Africans.

Let's help grow the African fashion industry by promoting our own - Estelle Gloria Click To Tweet

Why Africa needs inspiration!

Africans need to inspire other young Africans. Inspiration is like the fuel that keeps you going. Therefore, we need more young Africans to standout and make a difference. -Mylene Flicka-


IMPOSSIBLE means I’M POSSIBLE! ( This speaker blew it all)

You are the incarnation of possibility! You are born to shine and to break! You have a huge potential to add to your community.

It’s the story of Stevy Wallace, who never dreamt of travelling outside his country, but found himself working in France, hustled out there, went through the up’s and downs, came out of his comfort zone, took risks, cried and had sleepless nights. Today he is were he is because of the ‘I CAN’ attitude.

Every Failure in your life can turn into a Success - Stevy Wallace Click To Tweet Lets all shine like stars for Africa - Stevy Wallace Click To Tweet

Don’t go away …..

This would be incomplete without a video, so without wasting much time, relax and watch!

If you were at the conference  share your experience with us in the comment box below 😉



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