Kissoro Tribal Game: playing this traditional game differently

Kissoro Triba Game one of the oldest games in Africa, also in Central Africa. Known as  Oware (ashanti), Ayò (yoruba), Awalé (Ivory Coast), Wari (Mali), Warri (Caribbean), Wali (Dagbani), Adji (Ewe), Nchọ/Ókwè (Igbo), Awélé(Ga), and Endodoi (Maasai). A common name in English is Awari.

Transformed into a digital game by Masseka Game Studio based in Toulouse, which creates games based on the african universe and culture.

Their first game named “Kissoro Tribal Game” is an ancient african game played by two people under a tree mostly during leisure periods. It is a game that boosts your mathematical capacities, The game doesnt stand alone, but it comes with a myriad of african historic facts, references and historical figures are featured.

-The rules of the game are simple to learn
– Strategies require the use of calculations
– Nothing is left to chance
– It tests one’s visual memorization abilities
– It is used to teach useful math skills
– It also allows players to test their mental math (addition and subtraction)


The brain behind this creative invention is called Teddy Kossoko from Central Africa, web developper of 23 years old. Who is working towards the valorisation of the african culture.

Innovation in the technology world is very wide and varied. Technology related solutions today can help solve a lot of problems in our society. Its is interesting to see young men and women who decide to work and contribute to the development of africa in a positive way.

To all the gamers you can download this game here