Loan-H: taking Kanvo to the world

Loan-H: taking Kanvo to the world

One of Africa’s greatest riches in terms of apparel is the woven cloth. The woven cloth is made by weavers. Transmitted from generation to generation, weaving is a true art in which inspiration and expertise is combined. These craftsmen are true lovers of expressive geometric patterns and shimmering colors. With care, they make woven loincloth a wonderful channel for popularizing African culture.

Woven cloth is an endless work of creativity. Choosing the right colors, the right shapes and lines, mixing and weaving them to produce the final piece of art.

The diversity of woven cloth cannot be overemphasized, it comes in different colors and shapes which gives place to the creators creative mind to get to work.

If you are still wondering the meaning of “Kanvo”. It is the name given to the woven cloth in Benin, Pagne Baoulé  in Ivory Coast, Kente or Kita in Ghana, Mandjak in Senegal, Faso Danfani in Burkina or aso-oké from Nigeria.



It’s use is not yet part of people’s daily lives, it is still reserved for great occasions like weddings, ceremonies, special events etc….

In Burkina-Faso for example people are beginning to understand the importance of embracing our own riches, in so doing they made the woven-cloth the official attire of all public events.

Ghanaians known for their love of cultural identity have for long used kente for every wedding ceremony which comes in different rainbows colors to enhance and to showcase the cultural riches of different ethnies.

However in Benin, some fashion actors like “Loan-H” are going further in this battle , adding a touch of woven cloth to every accessory that can be used.

Loan-H has for mission to inculcate the local consumption habit in people all over the world.  Their goal is to make the woven cloth a world class product.

Something to be worn anywhere and anytime.

woven cloth


Elvira Akplogan, CEO of Loan-H confirms that we must be proud of our identity because it defines us.

Loan-H’s vision is to bring africans to be proud of their identity by adopting local materials. According to here “ I chose to work with “local” materials, mainly KANVÔ. To bring a touch of modernity to this material that once was not easy to wear. Through my brand LOAN-H we can see today that kanvo can be worn in various ways. We have seen our elders adopt materials from elsewhere for years. My ambition is to reveal the beauty of our local materials and have them adopted around the world.”

Loan-H transforms the woven cloth into jewelleries, bags, clothes and much more.


As africans let’s wear more of our woven clothes. Let’s portray it to the world as a heritage we are proud of! Let’s share, support the industry. Let us tell the whole world that we are proud of what we have!



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