Maxime Victor: 13 pieces of advice to be successful

Maxime Victor: 13 pieces of advice to be successful

1) Popular Mentality

If you have a goal in mind. If you want to be an entrepreneur and bring solutions to problems, you cant keep on listening to what people think should be. Good grades, good job, earn a monthly salary and the traditional circle of how life must be. Listening to that kind of reasoning will not take you where you want to go.

2) Dont look at your obstacles

Difficulties will come, dont set your mind on the obstacles you face, they are factors that can discourage you.

3) Visualize your dream

One thing that will keep you going despite the obstacles, is when you constantly visualize your dreams. Fix your mind on what you want to achieve. Maybe it is setting up your business, building your dream house, getting your dream car and so on.

4) To be successful you must fail

“Fall 7 times but get up 8 times”. It is necessary for you to go through difficulties, when you have a goal to achieve. It gives you experiences for the future, it shapens your character, it makes you come to terms with lifes reality, Failures are lessons learnt for a better tomorrow.

5) Start early

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to start early, so that you can make your mistakes early to gain experience. It doesn’t matter if you are a student now, if you are still living in your parents house, or if there obstacles on your way. The best time to start working towards your goal is now!

6) Find strategies to get up

if you really want to be successful, you need to be smart. Self-pity is a no-no! Find ways to get back up to your feet when you are down or broke. Quitting is not an option!

7) Face critics

You will have those who will discourage you, talk in your back, pull you down and even laugh at you. If you wan to be successful you need to courageous enough to face it all. If you know what you want, then you should be ready for both the positive and negative things that will come your way.

8) Life is made of ups and downs

You should know that the enterpreneurship life is made of ups and downs, going through all those stages teaches you to be humble in life. Being strong when you are down and humble when you are up is the key!

9) Surround yourself with go-getters

The kind of people you associate with will definitely have an influence on you. You need to get closer to like-minded people. Those with the same vision as you, those with the wining mindset.

10) You dont need to be perfect to start

Just start! Every project our idea evolves, get better with time. Nothing starts perfectly, therefore you cant wait to get everything you need before implementing your idea. Start with what you have and the rest will roll out!

11) Have a positive mindset

When things go bad, you are broke, bills unpaid, no house to stay in, no food to eat. There is one thing you should always do. Encourage yourself, motivate yourself, declare what you want to see on your life. A positive mindset is the only thing that will help you stand the trial.

12) Invest in personal development

Dont waist your time on playing video games, watching people’s life on social media. Go the extra mile to develop yourself, read books, attend trainings that will help you achieve your goal. If not one day you will face your competitor who will defeat you because he did his homework, while you were playing.

13) Listen to others who have been there

if you want to be successful in life, dont re-invent the wheel. If you want to be a millionaire approach a billionaire and learn from him/her. It will help you not to make the same mistakes they made.



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