Ousman Mbaye: The senegalese that is transforming the image of africa’s furniture design

Ousman Mbaye: The senegalese that is transforming the image of africa’s furniture design

Africa really has unmeasurable wealth and raw material that can be used to transform itself.

Ousmane Mbaye uses both recyled and new metal and transforms them into furnitures that can embellish a house or a space.

He is inspired by everything that he can see, feel or touch. A song, a discussion, a picture, a look. For him curiosity is what propels creativity.

He has exposed his works in International countries like France, Belgium, Italy, Japan, New York and Spain. In Africa: Benin, Nigeria, South Africa and Cote d’ivoire have received his works for exposition.

He is also working on creating a school of design in Senegal whereby young africans can learn their art, and also apply it to their daily lives.

The future of interior designs and furniture designs is still bright in Africa. It is a domain that requires a lot of creativity and passion. Being able to match both nature and design will give a perfect combination.

There is a huge potential in interior of furniture designs in the tourism sector. When a stranger visits an African country they always leave with memories. Giving them a long and lasting impression can be possible if we as africans make this aspect of design important as well.

Design is all about details. Every single detail counts whether in interior, furniture, graphic or any type of work that requires a form of design.

Just a little object or color can change the look of a room or a space. Africa has a unique way of displaying designs, therefore lets embrace our talents and reveal them to the world.

The leaders of African states should be able the identify the need in this sector, and invest in it, this in return can solve the problems of poverty, human resource, intellectual resource and others linked to the under-development of Africa.





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