The power of ideas and where they come from

The power of ideas and where they come from

The genesis of innovations are ideas. Ideas can be likened to seeds that spread open in our minds. Its an illumination that comes from an undefined source.  Ideas have the ability to change lives, attitudes and the world.

The  creators of TEDx understood it so well that there mission is to spark conversations through ideas worth spreading. Ideas are the root to your success, but ideas remain ideas if not concrete action is made. The change occurs when ideas are transformed into actions.

You can really appreciate the value of an idea if only you take actions to transform that idea into something tangible. Everybody has ideas, but the only person that realizes the power of ideas is the person that transform those ideas into actions

Where do ideas come from?


Ideas mostly comes from problems that need solutions. Stuck with a project, you will lookout for ways to get a solution. When you are in an unwanted situations, you look out for ways to come out of it.

Ideas pop out when you are looking for a solution to a problem.

Thinking outside the box

This is an ability that pushes you to do things differently. When you want to be different, separating yourself from the crowd and giving a unique touch to your ideas makes a huge difference.

External influence

Peer pressure, negative feedback, pressure or stress are factors that give birth to ideas in a man, “ a girl being mocked by her classmates decides to create her own brand of accessories” this shows that external pressure has contributed to something positive in her life.


When you have the habit of listening more than talking, your idea creation system will always be at work. Spend more time listening to people, conversing, interacting and see how far you can go.


Being observant is a strength, helps in idea generation, observe humans, observe nature, observer every single and little thing around you and you will be surprised at the ideas you generate from them

Every small idea can one day become a great business, an empire or invention someday. If you need proof then look at Ali Baba of Jack Ma and Co, Facebook of Mark Zuckerberg, Apple by Steve Jobs and you will know that there are ideas worthwhile.

If you never try out your idea, you will never know what is waiting for you on the other side of success. 

What is the goal of an idea?

Ideas after being executed are meant to impact a life, a society. Ideas are meant to create a change and to make living better for others. When an idea becomes real, you are fulfilled personally, you also contribute indirectly to the lives of others.

Most of the successful companies today all started from an idea, but are impacting 1000 of lives today. The Tony Elumelu Foundation, the Young African Leaders Initiative fellowship, and thousand more innovative ideas in technology, health, agriculture, arts and culture and many more sectors in the world have changed and are still changing the world.

You had a spectacular experience with your ideas? Share it with us and the world.



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