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Redefining tourism in Africa: Nigerias 3-day adventure in Benin Republic

This is a story of how a culture, a country, a place being sold to the world. There is no doubt that tourism plays a key role in the economical state of a country. This a story of how Funmi Oyatogun, a Nigerian writer, and founder of TVPAdventures succeeded in getting a group of Nigerians to go on an adventure in Benin Republic.

Travelling and discovering new places has an effect on a persons way of seeing things. It widens yours perspective about the world, opens your mind to new ways of doing things.

We will go through this adventurous journey with Funmi and her group to discover how they lived it at the Casa del Papa Resort in Ouidah, Benin.

This is the story of how I took 16 people on a 3-day adventure to Benin Republic. It is a story of paradise, culture, history, fun, NEW FRIENDS and a brand new Africa! Also, there are tips on how to join a wonderful travel squad. Take note of another beach paradise at the end!



I decided to host a beach-side retreat that would combine yoga stretch exercises with historical tours, cultural experiences, kayaking and sports all while lodging at the famous Casa del Papa Resort in Ouidah. I partnered with my yogi friends at to make this work.


After announcing this trip, people signed up! Individuals, couples, friends! All the planning was handled by . You all know the TVP guarantee! If you’re unfamiliar, a TVP guarantee is one of adventurous, eye-opening, quality, hassle-free travel across Africa!


We met up at our usual point, hopped on the AC Bus and began the 2-hour drive to Seme Border. With the intros, delicious breakfast, fresh juices, games and amazing conversations we had on the bus, this group bonded in no time! We were only strangers for the first 6 minutes!

Now, everyone knows that Seme Border is a nightmare. However, because this trip was planned through an experience design company (), the process was seamless! We even had time to share stories about our previous individual experiences at the border.

By 2:30pm, we were at our resort – Casa del Papa. Like I said yesterday, yellow is music to the eyes. This resort is already so well laid out by the Atlantic Ocean so the yellow color of the bungalows makes it all the more alluring. Our home for the next few days was W.O.W.

Look at the faces of my people. Some were brave, some were scared to death! But the snakes are harmless. We enjoyed this day so much that we resolved to find ancient stories from our hometowns to share with the group. The museum was a delightful surprise!

We also got a chance to join the community for a fishing ritual. The way they fish is so cool. They sing, play instruments and chant as they haul their full net back from sea. Then, they share the haul and go to market.

At the Point of No Return, we were sober and thankful for the freedoms we enjoy. What a shame the slave trade was. We recognize the pain that this place used to signify. Now, we can live our best lives. Check out our Amandla pose.

I won’t forget this trip in a hurry. What a lovely group. Ah, at the tail end, we discovered the best fruit juice in all of Benin Republic – ethniks! So yum!!! We had to beg people to leave this crafts market in Cotonou after discovery of this juice.

If you enjoyed this journey you can JOIN or FOLLOW TVP Adventures on their Website or on Twitter  for more adventures in Africa.



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