Shave Masters: The Ghanaian Mobile Grooming Service

Shave Masters: The Ghanaian Mobile Grooming Service

We are in a society where some people are trying to find creative and innovative ways to solve problems confronted by africans daily. Their aim is to make greater impact beyond the conventional and traditional ways of doing things.

Among those men and women of value is Mr. Emmanuel Kojo Ampomah, whose name can now be marked down in history as one of the young people who came up with the idea of bringing barbering to the doorsteps of customers.

A passionate young man who always strives for excellence in everything he does. At the heart of his passion is the drive to develop young people and make a positive impact in society through innovation.

That passion led to the creation of “Shave Masters”  

What gave birth to Shave Masters?

If you work in an office, the chances are that you will spend between 7-8 hours a day working and about an hour to go to work and back. That is a lot of time to give away in the week.

Shave Masters was born out of my personal unpleasant experience of almost always driving long distances and waiting in long queues in a barbering salon for a haircut. I live a very busy life and sometimes do not have the luxury to waste the little time I make after work or on the weekend in a barbering salon.

One day while I was waiting in queue in a salon in Accra for my haircut, I thought to myself, instead of spending all these long hours driving and waiting for my turn in the barbering salon, why don’t I come up with a business concept that will rather bring the barbering salon right to my doorstep, in the comfort of my home or office.

At home I can spend time relaxing or hanging out with my family and friends whilst I get my hair cut without moving out to join long queues in a salon.

This could save busy people like me a lot of time to relax and spend time with family, friends and loved ones.

So, I discussed the idea with my wife, we researched into it and then we started Shave Masters.

So far how has the journey been like? Sweet or Sour?

It has been a very insightful journey full of shocks, disappointments, betrayal, and struggles. But through it all I embrace these challenges and thank God for them. I am persuaded that whatever we have gone through and continue to go through as a company has only made us stronger and wiser.

What makes ‘Shave Masters’ unique?

Our uniqueness is in our ability to bring excellent haircut and grooming solutions to the doorstep of our clients, and in the comfort of their homes, offices or any location of their choice at very reasonable prices.

We value time and comfort. Therefore our aim is to give our clients a personalized treatment, as they choose the environment of their choice. Whether you are at home, at your office, or in your hotel room (for visitors); all you need to do is to mention the place and they will come to wherever you are to give you an excellent haircut. They will also come to you in urgent situations where you need a quick fix.

With Shave Masters, all you need to do is to call them and their grooming executives will be right at your  doorstep to offer you their service!



What advice do you have for people with innovative ideas?

From personal experience what I can say to all the young people out there is that you shouldn’t wait for your idea to be perfect before you start. You will never have the perfect idea, project, or business in 24 hours. All you need is to start with what you have now and gradually make changes and upgrades as time goes on.

Don’t wait to have everything before you start. If you want to have all you need to start a project, you will never start. Provision will come as you begin to take steps towards your goals or dreams. The most important thing is to START!

The first step is always difficult and hard, but it gets better, if you do not give up. This means that the beginning of every goal, project or dream is never easy. You will have setbacks from different angles of execution, but being able to overcome them gives leverage for future endeavors

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