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Survival Guide for a Team: Working in a Team in 20 Points

Finding the right team is not easy, and when you find one, it is necessary to coordinate your actions, to take action to achieve the ultimate goal of the team.

Sometimes it’s not that easy and you tend to ask yourself questions such as: I’m doing something wrong ? Did I make the right decision? Did I ask the right question ?

Let’s see some key points on what you need to do to stay on track:

1-Be patient with yourself and others.

2- Accept criticism objectively.

3- Communicate & share your work with the team.

4-Do not be dispersed: become an expert rather than “jack-of-all-trades”.

5- Prioritize by using the 80/20 rule.

6- Done is better than perfect. Do not get lost in the details.

7- Question all things and test! Replace “how” with “why”.

8- See failure as the discovery of a truth & difficulty as a challenge.

9- Do not always want to revolutionize everything. The simplest ideas are often the best!

10- Agree to delegate tasks and trust your team members.

11- Structure and organization saveS: try and work with a plan.

12- Before you believe something you are told, cross-check and keep a critical mind.

13- Encourage other members of your team.

14- Do not believe that others are better than oneself

15- Be open to the ideas of your team members.

16- Build on the qualities of your team members.

17-Above all, do not be afraid to ask for help in case you need it!

18- Do not hesitate to say no.

19- Always exchange and share experiences within yourselves.

20- Read a lot! This allows for confrontations of ideas

If you think we missed a point in the list, please leave it in the comment box! 🙂



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