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Abibatou Banda FALL: the brain behind the thermal basket

This is the journey of a gentle, and humble woman full of ambitions and goals to reach the top in […]

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How can we nurture creativity in our children?

Children are creative in their ways of writing, reading, drawing, uttering words, composing sentences, interacting with objects, and so on. […]

Richard Dansou, the black and white photography master

Born in a small village called Togbota-Oudjra , which is located in  Adjohoun( Benin) . Richard has a typical life story. A story that teaches […]

Africa, rich in young untapped creativity

African youths are endowed with creativity that is unfortunately unknown to the big world! One wonders if the generation of […]

5 money-making hobbies that will help release your creativity

Most of the talents and creativity we have are actually our gateway to financial freedom and self fulfillment. You can […]

The power of ideas and where they come from

The genesis of innovations are ideas. Ideas can be likened to seeds that spread open in our minds. Its an […]

10 ways to never progress and stay poor

Poverty is a decision made individually, not a condition imposed on anyone. There are attitudes and habits that we as […]

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Top 5 African architects and designers you need to know

African architects and designers, we do have them full of competence and professionalism. Africa has all the potentials and resources, both […]

Ousman Mbaye: The senegalese that is transforming the image of africa’s furniture design

Africa really has unmeasurable wealth and raw material that can be used to transform itself. Ousmane Mbaye uses both recyled […]

Distractions poison your creativity: here is the antidote

Musicians, photographers, designers and artists in general are usually referred to as the creative types. However, the ability to create […]