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Africa, rich in young untapped creativity

African youths are endowed with creativity that is unfortunately unknown to the big world! One wonders if the generation of african youth has potential. Yet it represents 65% of the African population. What is preventing the young generation from showing what they are worth to the world? First of all, it is necessary for African.

The power of ideas and where they come from

The genesis of innovations are ideas. Ideas can be likened to seeds that spread open in our minds. Its an illumination that comes from an undefined source.  Ideas have the ability to change lives, attitudes and the world. The  creators of TEDx understood it so well that there mission is to spark conversations through ideas worth.

10 ways to never progress and stay poor

Poverty is a decision made individually, not a condition imposed on anyone. There are attitudes and habits that we as humans have that contribute to our physical, mental and spiritual poverty. You can’t do the same thing and expect different results. Changing your way of thinking and acting can go a long way, and can.


With just a N20 ball pen, Nigerian artist, Chijioke Anyacho creates images that leaves you wondering whether its an actual ball pen drawing or some digital manipulation. Chijioke Anyacho has shown the creativity inherent in millions of Africans who despite the challenges of the economy, seek new and ingenious ways of adding value to the society. Your.