Terrorist attack in Burkina Faso, an African blogger had predicted it!

This post is unusual to what we regularly post ,but it still pertains to our everyday lives, lets think it through. In any case prevention is better than cure!

  I say this because we are just at Beginning of the Year,and only God knows how many countries and the number of lives that will taste a gunshot from those terrorist from now to December. Most of which i believe can be prevented if care is taken.


Nearly two dozen victims killed by Al Qaeda-linked militants in an attack on a luxury hotel ‘Le Splendide” in the capital of Burkina Faso.

At least 28 people were killed and 126 others were held hostage for hours by at least four militants in Ouagadougou, before being released.

But unfortunately a Blogger from Burkina Faso, Boukari Ouedraogo, had predicted it in one of his posts dated 28 August 2015. On http://lemessagerdafrique.mondoblog.org/2015/08/28/attaque-terroriste-a-oursi-un-avertissement-pour-le-burkina/


After Paris, Bamako and many other countries, Ouagadougou the capital city of Burkina Faso was attacked, by their habitual modus operandi, shootings on important public places, this time around it was a Hotel and a Café.

On the Friday 15th January 2016, terrorists from the Al Qaeda group launched an attack on the Café Cappucino and Hotel Splendide visited mostly by Outsiders.

This is a first of its kind in Ouagadougou, but there were warnings that were neglected. The Burkinabese Blogger wrote a premonitory note after the first incident.

In his conclusion he says,

for now it is a small village that was attacked. One day there could be attacks in the heart of the capital.

He wrote this note after an attack on a Police brigade in Oursi, Sahelian region “by an unidentified armed group”.

In his article he stated that Burkina Faso is a fertile ground for the development of terrorism, because the youth are easily driven to accept anything due to unemployment, therefore they will not be insensible to jihadist offers. This category of youth that feel excluded from society because they think they have no educational certificate that would give them hope to be employed some day. This terrorism groups on the other side seek to seduce the poor and illiterate, and this youth would do anything to be rich ,because they don’t have anything to loose anymore.

A plan to fight terrorism

Fighting against unemployment is a difficult race to run due to the poverty reigning in Burkina ,therefore attention should be much payed to security and the defense of the population, while its interesting how robbers can attack a Police brigade and disappear without leaving a sign. The sad story is that in the police brigades they lack working materials and human resources

The authorities are called to action to think through an effective way out to fight terrorism.

This is a summary of what he mentioned in his article.


Boukari Ouédraogo



Today Ouagadougou has been touched to the core, it could have been anywhere in this world, it could have happened at your place,or mine.

Lets all be vigilant and discerning.

Live Life as if it where your last day on earth.!!! 🙂

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