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The memorable gift ideas for the season

In the season or out of season, gifts are things that leave prints in the life of an individual. They are symbols that represent the act of love showed to someone or one’s self.

Most often we want to offer things that would speak to the person in our absence. We also find it difficult to choose a gift.

Whether for a friend, a parent, a colleague, or for yourself, this little objects of pleasure could make a difference.

Since its the season again, I have carefully selected a list of ” afro” items for you. From creatives in Africa.They all come with their unique touches and I am 200% sure you will find something of interest to you.


1- By L.E Creations ( Cote D’ivoire)


2- By Roar Clothing Line ( Benin)


3- By Adu Amani Klodin ( Ghana)


4- By Dyange ( Cote d’Ivoire)


5- By Lyds ( Senegal)


6- By Ewou Designs ( Benin)


7-  By NanaWax ( Benin)


You love it ? You want it? All you need to do is contact them via their Facebook Page, they deliver worldwide

Share with us your gift ideas and where we can get them, right in the comment box below.




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