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Top 5 African architects and designers you need to know

African architects and designers, we do have them full of competence and professionalism. Africa has all the potentials and resources, both human and material resources needed to be developed. Unfortunately those resources are not being taken advantage of. Every sector in our society can be developed with the help of africans who had the opportunity to study abroad. But few of them really go back  to their countries to invest in it. Why ?

The following are a few prominent and astoundingly, mind-blowing african architects and designers full of creativity in the architecture and design field.

Akosua Obeng

She was born and raised in Ghana, her local and international experiences both in Ghana and in the UK, gave her the perfect blend in her career, she became a partner in  Othner and Othner Associates . She is passionate about educating readers on architecture and sustainability.

View some of her works :


David Ajaye

He is well known for the famous Smithsonian National Museum of  African American History and culture. Ghanaian, born in Tanzania, works from the united Kingdom, works in Gabon, Nigeria, Ghana. You can sense in his work the combination of western and African influence. He is on an extensive study of each of all the African countries based on environment and climate so as to come out with a fully document work on the potentials in this field.

View his works :

Pascal de Souza

From Benin, an architect and designer that has worked numerous types of houses, ecological houses, in Cote d’ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria and Benin.

Francis Kére

Born in Burkina Faso, he got a scholarship to be trained in architecture in Germany, and used his acquired knowledge to develop his village Gando. He reinvested his knowledge into his country, he built modern and ecological school blocks. He really invested in his local community.

Francis Kere


Romarick Atoke

Benin based architect, worked in Tokyo then in France , but serves the whole of Africa with his knowledge. With big projects for his country Benin, he is constantly working to change the face of cities in Benin

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Oups if you think there is someone missing on the list, please mention them in the comment box so that we can discover them too.






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