UBA Marketplace: A Business Opportunity for African Entrepreneurs

UBA Marketplace: A Business Opportunity for African Entrepreneurs

We are in a world of transactions. Whatever passion or purpose you have in life, it is necessary to monetize it at some point. Then you need a platform or environment to sell your work. Most of the time, people do not always see the opportunities that come their way until they disappear. The world is evolving through innovation, and opportunities are everywhere. One of them is the UBA Marketplace International Fair.

What is the “UBA Marketplace”?

It is an international fair called “UBA Marketplace” that invites the banking group United Bank for Africa (UBA). An unprecedented opportunity for exhibition-sales and business for many entrepreneurs on the continent in search of visibility and openings.

Among other things, the UBA Group’s initiative aims to seize the opportunity of the Tony Elumelu Foundation’s meeting on July 26 and 27 in Abuja, Nigeria with the thousands of entrepreneurs of the 5th cohort of its entrepreneurship program, to provide broad visibility to entrepreneurs on the African continent. Entrepreneurs are invited to register for free through this LINK, in order to submit their application to take part in this adventure. Different fields are concerned by this offer: fashion and accessories, cinema, culinary arts, music, electronics, computers, health, etc …

Selected applicants will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Abuja for participation in the UBA Marketplace.

In perfect harmony with the vision of the philanthropist Tony Elumelu and his foundation, UBA the main sponsor intends to offer a great opportunity to hundreds of African entrepreneurs to reveal their genius and know-how to the continent and to the rest of the world. Starting from Tony Elumelu’s philosophy that “no one will develop Africa apart from the Africans themselves”, the UBA Group, through its initiative, makes sense of this vision.

UBA Marketplace offers a space for trade, business and networking to African vendors from across the continent. A brewing enriched by the presence of more than 5000 entrepreneurs of the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) expected at the 5th forum of the TEF. An annual meeting attended by prominent African personalities including Senegalese and Rwandan heads of state.

UBA Marketplace is open to Beninese entrepreneurs who want to give visibility to their products and services in order to bring added value to their company and thus to the economy of their country. This international fair will be held in Abuja, Nigeria on July 26 and 27, 2019 from 10am to 10pm. The application remains open and will end during the week of July 15th, 2019.

African music stars will also be at the rendezvous of the UBA Marketplace to bring more colors and rhythms to this continental rendezvous, not commercial.

The UBA Group is renewing through this UBA Marketplace initiative its commitment to support entrepreneurship on the continent. UBA thus confirms its pan-African bank position.

About the UBA Group

UBA is one of the largest African banks present in 20 African countries. It also has a presence in the three global financial centers: London, New York and Paris. The Bank, which received the Euromoney Award for Best Digital Banking in Africa in 2018, provides services to more than 17 million customers worldwide through the most diversified service channels in Sub-Saharan Africa, with more than 1,000 agencies and customer interactivity points as well as robust online and mobile banking platforms.

About UBA Benin

UBA Benin is the Beninese subsidiary of UBA Plc. It has 16 branches and plays a crucial role in the Beninese banking sector. UBA Benin offers a full range of banking products for large local businesses, individuals and multinational corporations. It brings to the market new electronic products and thus facilitates financial transactions.




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