WAOUW: An initiative that promotes women achievements

WAOUW: An initiative that promotes women achievements

There is a saying that ‘’every day is women’s day. March 8 is just a reminder’’. It is with no doubt in line with this idea of promoting women that the WAOUW initiative takes place once every year, on no specific date, and in favor of women. The acronym sounds exactly the same as the interjection ‘wow’ but what does it actually imply?

WAOUW, Women All Over the Universal World

WAOUW is a broad concept which comprises many components fully dedicated to promoting women through their endeavors. It is broken down into a set of various activities including:

  • The WAOUW Ambassador election;
  • A TV program weekly broadcasted on Ubiznews, an international infotainment TV channel which actually supports the concept as main partner;
  • An international platform used as a melting pot to enable networking and collaboration between its members and based upon values such as: 1) Solidarity & Sharing 2) Respect &Tolerance 3) Unity in Action;
  • Online talk sessions;
  • An annual congress gathering stakeholders from economic, social, political and other backgrounds to reflect upon sustaining women’s impact in these areas.

WAOUW Ambassador election: three editions to date

Started back in 2015, it is the flagship activity of the WAOUW concept. Taking place in the form of a contest, women from all over the world acting in diverse fields of profession are called to submit their initiatives for nomination. Then, ten (10) nominees selected among hundreds of applications participate to the election event where each of them is expected to pitch their initiative to an audience composed of potential investors, business partners, donors, sponsors and a jury of professionals.

Eventually, the title of elected Ambassador is awarded to the woman with the initiative considered as most significant and impactful. Note that the other women nominated can still be referred to as ambassador, though. The two first editions of WAOUW happened in Paris, France while WAOUW2017 the third edition was realized in Benin republic for the first time in Africa.

WAOUW, an initiative for women by a woman

She is a Franco-African young lady with a strong passion for women’s cause. She claims the following: “the beauty of women isn’t only on the outside; it comes first from the inside and is reflected in our different personalities, in our daily struggles and in the causes we defend; which often remain unheard and voiceless.”

From a communications & advertising background Miss Mahop, co-founder of the WAOUW concept, is also an entrepreneur and anchor at Ubiznews TV. “WAOUW is our common initiative, our collective weapon for supporting and shedding more light on women in the world who innovate, who take significant actions and who strive for excellence through their endeavors”, she likes echoing.

Feel free to join the club and follow the latest updates posted on social media.




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