Basic body blockers

Lymph nodes in our body is such a quantity that they do not count them. Well, about the biggest we know with you. Adenoids, salivary glands, pharyngeal and larynx lymph nodes, almonds, bone lymph nodes are all the most important elements of the protective system, which literally saves the entire organism.

For example, a powerful disinfectant passes through saliva. With the help of salivary glands, about 0.5 liters of toxic wets are derived.

Please note that if a little baby sweats in the afternoon or at night in a dream, it definitely has problems. The sweat system in children should work in such a way that the sweat does not stand out even at a temperature of +39 degrees. The sweat system of kids is developed is not very good, and if the child suffers from the wet head at night, should look at his health.

People suffering from chronic pharyngitis or laryngitis have problems with pharynx and larynx lymph nodes. These are the first candidates for chronic lesions of the lymphosystem. One of the most powerful bridgeheads for viruses and bacteria are almonds. For example, Streptococcus passes only with the help of almonds. But his native brother Staphylococcus through the almonds does not pass, he chooses a path through his nose, and as a result - a sinusitis!

What do you think, where in the nose I am accumulated by the Pump? After all, there is essentially nothing. There are only holes for air and thin membranes. So where does it come from? And it moves to the gaimore sinus from the blood, the stomach.

And to take at least fungus ... Never appears in the nose or almond. The fungus will fall into other areas of the body. If the legs are affected - it is the skin of the legs. The lymphatic system will not take the fungus to larynx, almonds, adenoid, as it will destroy all its collectors. The system will better open the skin and throws the fungus directly to it.

Edema? And again these problems with the lymphosystem
The articular inflammation is also the defeat of the lymphosystem. If a person observes swelling, immediately writes off everything on the kidneys or heart. But this is fundamentally incorrect, because the eath is only a lymphatic nature.

Do you think that the heart works incorrectly and does not cope with his task? But in fact lymph accumulates, not blood. This is especially expressed in the blockage of inguinal lymph nodes. But the edema of the hands gives the blockage of lymph nodes in the axillary depressions.

Hallows on the face and bags under the eyes are scored facial and jaw lymph nodes.

As you can see, many diseases that we have written off the liver, kidneys, heart and other vital organs are actually related to the improper work of the lymphatic system. If you hold it specific cleaning, as well as take care of the Lymph can move freely and without obstacles to move throughout the body, collecting and eliminating pathological organisms, you will see how much the general condition improves.

A person himself can defeat bronchial asthma, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, many chronic diseases, such as pharyngitis, bronchitis, laryngitis. It is only important to find a suitable key to your body and take care that he can deal with alien viruses, microbes and bacteria that fall into it.

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